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The training and development  it is the heart of what we do. Teatro do Mar has developed its own methodology. was applied  and approved  by hundreds of students/artists, of different ages, genders, origins and characteristics, generating transforming and recognized results.

Purpose of this Workshop:

Instruct and open to participants the full experience of the elements that raise the quality of the artists of the Teatro do Mar nucleus.

Offering everything from the work base to the involvement in exercises and more advanced elements of research, development and Teatro do Mar methodology.

This innovative and authorial methodology of the company, developed  for at least  10 years and applied to TDM artists.

Leading to artistic power  in creative language, which opens up unlimited potential to the participant in the creation of their work.


Open  in the interpreter the explosion of power.

Stimulus-response approximation.

Performing the scenic presence.

Direct action objective.


Musicality of improvisation.

Playfulness in characters.


"9  Attention points",  exclusive Theater of the Sea :

  • Highly qualified training.

  • Individual attention to the interpreter.

  • Handout according to the  workshop time and approach.

  • references

  • Audiovisual References.

  • Official course certificate.

  • development markers

  • Access to  special exclusive list of study material on Youtube.

  • Special and exclusive access to the closed community of Whatsapp Students TDM, with indications of pieces, courses, study material, discounts, etc.

*It will be held in this Workshop  the selection of actors to integrate the Victor Hugo production and later, to those interested and approved, integrate the Núcleo Teatro do Mar.

Language: Physical Theater - Unrealistic - Playful

Hours Offered: 18  hours.

Date: 2, 3, 4 and 5 March.

Time: 09:30  at 2 pm. (Needs for individual adaptation to inform production)

Location: Espaço Teatro Sérgio Porto. 

South Zone. Rio de Janeiro, RJ.

Rua Humaitá, 163.


*Special 10% discount for participants who have already boarded our courses.

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